1. Choose a lead record. A message tells you if duplicates exist for that record. To see the duplicates, click View Duplicates. This will give you a list of duplicate leads to merge.
  2. Choose up to three lead records to merge by checking the box next to each lead. Click Next.  If there are more than three duplicate records, repeat the process.
  3. Choose one lead record as the master, and choose the field values that you want to keep from one of each leads to be merged.. Click Next.
  4. Confirm your choices when Salesforce asks if you are sure and merge.

Considerations when merging duplicate leads in Sales Cloud:


When merging duplicate leads in Sales Cloud associated with different campaigns, Salesforce preserves the campaign Member Status Updated date for each campaign to which the merged lead belongs.

Related Items, Chatter Feeds, and Attachments

In the case of merging duplicate Sales Cloud, leads, records linked to items like campaigns or activities, Salesforce establishes connections with the merged record, with certain exceptions. Chatter feeds are maintained solely from the master record. Salesforce Files attached in the Chatter feed or listed under Files are preserved in the merged record.

Hidden and Read-Only Fields

Salesforce retains data in hidden or read-only fields, including sharing settings, from the master record. These hidden fields remain concealed during the merging process. The merged record preserves the Created By user and Created Date from the oldest merged record, regardless of which record serves as the master. The Last Modified By date reflects the merge date.

Non-Master Leads

Non-master leads are relocated to the Recycle Bin after the merge process.

One tool for duplicate management is Cloudingo.

Improve and better manage Salesforce data with Cloudingo. From deduping to importing and even migrating data, Cloudingo makes it easier to manage your Salesforce org. Find duplicates within your existing records and easily merge them.

The Salesforce AppExchange offers multiple tools for duplicate record management.

Salesforce appexchange - find tools to merge duplicate leads in sales cloud
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