Salesforce AI is the cornerstone of our Einstein 1 Platform, offering reliable and adaptable AI solutions seamlessly integrated into your customer data. With Einstein, you can craft tailored, predictive, and generative AI experiences to address all your business requirements securely. Einstein brings conversational AI to every facet of your operations, from workflows and users to departments and industries.

Here’s what Einstein can do for you:

Sales AI: Accelerate sales cycles with trusted AI capabilities. Einstein can compose emails enriched with customer insights, summarize sales calls, and provide real-time predictions to guide sellers towards successful deals.

Customer Service AI: Enhance customer service experiences while boosting agent efficiency. Einstein surfaces relevant information during support interactions, automates case resolutions, and empowers agents with a knowledge base.

Marketing AI: Drive personalized and efficient marketing campaigns at scale. Einstein provides insights to enhance engagement, create personalized customer journeys, and automate outreach efforts.

Commerce AI: Personalize every buyer and merchant interaction with flexible ecommerce AI tools. Einstein generates product descriptions, recommends relevant products, and optimizes buying experiences.

Einstein 1 Studio: Customize and extend AI for CRM with ease. Configure actions, prompts, and models to tailor Einstein Copilot to your specific business needs.

Copilot Builder: Extend Einstein Copilot with familiar platform features to streamline workflows and monitor interactions seamlessly.

Prompt Builder: Create prompt templates to expedite tasks and generate content grounded in your business data, ensuring relevance across Einstein Copilot, Lightning pages, and flows.

Model Builder: Build or import predictive AI models into Salesforce and the Einstein Trust Layer, seamlessly managing AI models in a unified control plane.

Deploy AI you can trust with the Einstein Trust Layer, ensuring privacy, security, and responsible use across your organization. Features like Dynamic Grounding, Sensitive Data Masking, and Ethics and Inclusivity policies uphold ethical AI principles while optimizing accuracy and relevance.

Join companies like General Mills and Riley Children’s Health in leveraging the power of Salesforce AI to drive personalized experiences and optimize operations for greater impact and efficiency.

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