Salesforce Distributed Marketing bridges the gap between corporate marketing, employees, channel partners, and your brand, ensuring consistent experiences across various networks. Corporate marketers can create and share collaborative, on-brand content in Marketing Cloud Engagement, which distributed teams like advisers and partners can access, personalize, and send directly from CRM experiences such as Sales, Service, Financial Services, or Experience Cloud.

Distributed Marketing is facilitated through a managed package installed in your CRM environment, allowing you to integrate Distributed Marketing content blocks into your Marketing Cloud Engagement environment effortlessly. Leveraging the power of Marketing Cloud Engagement, all communications are streamlined, enabling teams to engage with their customer base reliably and efficiently.

Salesforce Distributed Marketing

As a marketer utilizing Distributed Marketing, you can:

  • Empower your teams to engage with their customer base at scale with personalized, on-brand content.
  • Facilitate collaboration within email or SMS messages, fostering meaningful interactions.
  • Ensure brand and legal compliance through automated and manual approval processes.

For advisors, partners, or dealers utilizing Distributed Marketing, the benefits include:

  • Sending personalized emails to contacts, leads, or person accounts.
  • Utilizing easy segmentation tools like list views to send messages to groups of clients.
  • Sending multiple messages over time without the hassle of managing touchpoint cadence.

Before installing Distributed Marketing for Marketing Cloud Engagement, it’s essential to review the required products, licenses, and permissions. Guided setups are available to quickly activate new workflows for your teams, covering installation, configuration, and content management.

Distributed Marketing setup involves utilizing Marketing Cloud Engagement journeys and Salesforce campaigns within Sales, Service, Financial Services, and Experience Clouds. After installation and authentication configuration, setting up Distributed Marketing includes creating entry event data extensions, profile attributes, content, sender profiles, and journeys, along with customizing the Campaign page layout.

By managing settings, administrators can enhance CRM with Marketing Cloud Engagement content, enabling the delivery of relevant, on-brand content at every touchpoint. Additionally, Distributed Marketing allows the extension of powerful content to distributed teams, ensuring safe and efficient interaction.

Enhancing Distributed Marketing functionality is essential to align with your company’s needs. Custom personalization interactions can be created to extend the message personalization flow, while the payload can be extended to include more data for journey decisions and content personalization.

Overall, Distributed Marketing provides tools, workflows, and experiences to better serve and engage your entire customer base, ensuring consistent brand experiences across various touchpoints and networks.

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