Explore the diverse new ways in which advances in Public Sector Solutions revolutionize the provision of public services. Establish interactive application forms and deploy them on an Experience Cloud site accessible to constituents. Develop automated approval processes for efficient application review. Employ dynamic assessments for evaluating applications, and generate care plans and referrals to assist constituents in need. Utilize a trial Salesforce PSS org to explore the product and prepare for implementation.

Discover the synergy between the Salesforce platform, a dedicated data model, and a suite of common components that facilitate the implementation of a solution tailored to your agency’s needs. Whether implementing Public Sector Solutions for a municipality, state, province, or at the federal or national level, each public agency has distinct requirements for serving constituents through digital tools and workflows. Public Sector Solutions avoids a one-size-fits-all approach, allowing you to combine various components and tools to create a customized solution for you and your constituents.

Salesforce Platform:

The cloud-based Salesforce platform, encompassing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud, forms the foundation of Public Sector Solutions and is inclusive with the product. Offering relationship management, case management, collaboration, integration, and data insight capabilities, the platform provides a 360-degree view of constituents for more effective service, management, and interaction. Adhering to stringent data security regulations, the platform allows quick deployment and scalability, with flexibility for expansion.

Data Model:

The Public Sector Solutions data model is tailored for government agencies, encompassing objects for defining regulatory agencies, authorization types, codes, constituents as business or person accounts, visits, complaints, violations, and more. Whether managing licenses and permits, conducting inspections, or overseeing social services programs, the data model accommodates diverse governmental tasks.

Industry Common Layer:

A suite of no-code and low-code components and tools, including OmniStudio, Action Plans, Document Tracking and Approvals, OmniStudio Document Generation, Business Rules Engine, and more, enables automation of traditionally paper-based processes. Common layer components facilitate the creation of dynamic forms, application reviews, complex policy decisions, and more.

Prebuilt Apps:

These elements culminate in several prebuilt applications, each addressing specific needs:

  • License and Permit Management: Streamline application submission and tracking for individual and business licenses and permits. Automate approval processes to ensure workflow integrity.
  • Inspection Management: Conduct and manage inspections and assessments for regulatory compliance, license issuance, and addressing public complaints.
  • Grantmaking: Track, manage, and disburse grants across the funding lifecycle, fostering collaboration among staff, applicants, and program managers.
  • Emergency Program Management: Prioritize and mobilize resources during crises, provide real-time updates, process applications for emergency services, and manage volunteers through the public portal.
  • Employee Experience: Streamline HR and IT processes with digital forms, automate service requests, and provide self-service resources for employees in a unified, scalable workspace.

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