Supercharge your workforce efficiency with predictive and generative AI. Salesforce Einstein Summer 24 Release Notes.

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  • Einstein Features
    Learn more about how Einstein can supercharge productivity across all Salesforce clouds. Einstein features are released as often as monthly, so check back again soon for the latest AI solutions. Features included in the June monthly release generally become available when Summer ’24 rolls out to your org.
June ’24
AnalyticsReport Formula GenerationAdd Calculated Fields to Your Data Cloud Reports with Einstein Generative AI
Field ServicePre-Work BriefCustomize the Pre-Work Brief with Prompt Builder
Flow BuilderEinstein for FlowLet Einstein Build a Draft Flow for You
Industries: ContractsContracts AITailor Your Default and New Field Prompts for Effective Data Extraction
Industries: Health CloudAssessment GenerationAutomate Assessment Generation With Einstein Generative AI
Industries: Net Zero CloudESG ReportsEinstein for Net Zero Cloud
OverallSalesforce SchedulerGenerate Personalized Appointment Invitation Emails with Prompt Builder
SalesEnablement, Relationship Selling, Sales EmailsEinstein for Sales
SalesEinstein Conversation InsightsEinstein Conversation Insights
ServiceArticle Recommendations, Feedback Management, Work SummariesEinstein for Service
ServiceService CatalogEinstein for Service Catalog
Einstein Features
  • Einstein Platform
    Build smart solutions for your business cases with generative AI, predictive AI, and everything in between. Learn about functionality, security, and performance improvements to AI at Salesforce. Einstein platform changes are released as often as monthly, so check back again soon for the latest and greatest.
    • Einstein Bots
      Get key information from customers by requiring an answer to certain questions. And, if you have Einstein Copilot, generate conversational answers to customer questions by connecting the Answer Questions with Knowledge copilot action to your bot.
    • Einstein Copilot
      Bring the power of conversational AI to your business with Einstein Copilot.
    • Einstein Studio in Data Cloud
      Explore new capabilities such as autoselection, metrics, and alerts. Einstein Studio’s enhanced navigation and user interface simplifies how you create and connect your AI models. Learn more about Einstein Studio in the Data Cloud release notes.

Salesforce Einstein Summer 24 Release Notes

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