Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry through Salesforce CRM. Salesforce CRM presents holistic management solutions across all facets of the automotive sector, guiding customers seamlessly from selecting a vehicle to post-sales customer service. By integrating all back-office operations with advanced AI capabilities, Salesforce CRM provides superior and scalable solutions. Essentially, Salesforce Industries’ automotive CRM empowers employees to play a crucial role in the customer’s buying journey by offering valuable guidance, assisting in vehicle selection, and ensuring ongoing support post-purchase. This builds a foundation of trust between dealers and customers, nurturing lasting relationships. Salesforce for the Automotive Industry.

Salesforce CRM proves invaluable for dealers, enabling active listening to customers and engagement at every touchpoint—online sites, mobile devices, social media networks, showrooms, and connected cars. It facilitates streamlined lead distribution, minimizes sales leaks, and ensures a personalized customer experience within the automotive industry.

Salesforce for the Automotive Industry

The software accelerates innovation and agility in the automotive sector, providing real-time automation to maximize car sales, improve dealership and inventory management, and seamlessly integrate with other applications. Salesforce CRM benefits extend to helping companies streamline the customer journey, understand consumer preferences, and provide personalized experiences, thereby keeping customers engaged.

Prominent automotive industry players, such as Toyota Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and Bombardier Recreational Products, leverage Salesforce CRM for their operations. With an accurate Salesforce users email list, connecting with key decision-makers from these industry leaders becomes a seamless process.

Transforming Automotive Experiences. Accelerate innovation with AI and automation. Enhance customer experiences, explore new revenue models, and power software-defined vehicles with the Einstein 1 Platform. Build your perfect automotive solution with Automotive Cloud and the Customer 360.

OEMs Orchestrate communications, improve ecosystem collaboration, and drive frictionless buying and servicing experiences.

Retail Engage with drivers meaningfully with visibility into their vehicle history, open warranties, upcoming appointments, and more.

Captive Finance. Get a comprehensive view of a driver’s loan information, lease renewals, payment reminders, vehicle value, or available accessories or subscriptions.

Software-Defined Vehicles Turn telematics data into personalized, immersive in-vehicle experiences and unlock new revenue with subscriptions or services.

Transform the Automotive Experience. Create an omnichannel automotive retail experience, deliver consistent sales and service, and build loyalty with Salesforce’s automotive CRM. Reduce costs with innovations that bring automotive journeys together.

Reimagine Digital Retailing. Seamlessly collaborate and transfer data between OEMs and dealerships. Track every interaction, from OEM website research to a purchase in a dealership.

Win Customers for Life Provide and exceptional service, increase dealer profitability, and boost productivity with personalized engagements throughout the ownership lifecycle.

Personalize the Digital Customer Journey. Engage with your customers at the right time with the right message throughout the ownership lifecycle. Create personalized journeys with the world’s #1 CRM.

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