Discover the Spring ’24 Enhancements to Analytics Data Cloud Einstein and Net Zero Cloud

Enhancements to Salesforce Analytics, Data Cloud, Einstein, and Net Zero Cloud in Spring’24.

Reports and Dashboards for Data Cloud Enhancements


Create custom report types, more core semantics, calculated insights, and date and time formulas.

Analytics Collection Components


Curate related analytics assets for better organization and easier consumption. Embed a specific collection directly into Lightning pages to easily access the insights you need right in your workflow.

Enhanced Dashboard Customization


Easily create and remember custom colors for widgets. Save hours in development time by applying layouts and colors to all widgets in a dashboard with just a few clicks.

Revenue Intelligence Enhancements


A new streamlined setup helps you get started even faster, and a library of KPI components lets you further customize Forecast Insights. To better understand conversation rates, use the new Win Rate Funnel view.

Enhancements to Salesforce Analytics, Data Cloud, Einstein, and Net Zero Cloud

Data Graphs

Data Cloud

Combine multiple data model objects and calculated insights into a unified view. New Profile API improves query performance to power near real-time use cases across Customer 360.

Bring Your Own Lake with Snowflake

Data Cloud

Share data between Data Cloud and Snowflake with zero-ETL. With Data Federation, you can now share your data bidirectionally and access Snowflake datasets in Salesforce to enrich your unified customer profiles and unlock new insights.

Bring Your Own Lake with Google BigQuery

Data Cloud

Share data between Data Cloud and Google BigQuery with zero-ETL. With seamless data access, you can enrich your unified customer profiles with BigQuery datasets, helping you unlock new insights and better power your Google Analytics and AI models.

Streaming Data Ingest for Salesforce CRM Connector

Data Cloud

Ingest changes to Salesforce standard and custom objects in near real-time with streaming data ingest for the Salesforce CRM Connector. Now, existing batch ingestion checks for more frequent updates to your Salesforce objects.

Einstein Copilot


Embed Einstein Copilot—a conversational AI assistant—across all Salesforce applications to help teams be more productive. Automate steps or tasks with out-of-the-box actions, or create custom actions that call flows, Apex, or MuleSoft APIs.

Prompt Builder


Create, test, and refine prompt templates easily without code. Ground prompts with dynamic CRM data, including merge fields and flows. Invoke prompted workflows across the Einstein 1 Platform through Flow, Lightning Web Components, and Apex.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Disclosure Authoring with Generative AI

Net Zero Cloud

Use Einstein to generate more efficient Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reports. Einstein can access and use the internal information you’ve uploaded to Net Zero Cloud to write and answer specific questions required for these reporting standards.

Disclosure and Compliance Hub Plugin for Microsoft Word

Net Zero Cloud

Net Zero Cloud now provides sustainability managers more flexibility to support multiple authoring formats using Microsoft Word Office 365. Multiuser collaboration, easy navigation, and rich text support create a cleaner and easier experience.

Marginal Abatement Cost Visualizations

Net Zero Cloud

With marginal abatement cost visualizations, customers can gain insights into required investments for various programs and forecast future emissions based on the cost to offset carbon.

Sustainability Program Visualizations

Net Zero Cloud

Visualize the combined effects of multiple environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives and gain a deeper understanding into different ESG projects and specific metrics within these projects.

Improved Emissions Factors Management

Net Zero Cloud

Automatically integrate emissions factors from Net Zero Marketplace into Net Zero Cloud to easily manage and apply the data, for improved transparency and visibility in one location.

Stay tuned to Tectonic’s Insights for more details and news from Salesforce. Enhancements to Salesforce Analytics, Data Cloud, Einstein, and Net Zero Cloud.

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