Achieve Sales Targets and Ensure Forecast Accuracy with Revenue Intelligence

Salesforce Revenue Intelligence is a powerful data-driven sales solution designed to help sales teams hit their targets, grow pipelines, and ensure accurate forecasts. By combining Tableau CRM dashboards and analytics with a visual pipeline progress flow chart in Pipeline Inspection, Revenue Intelligence offers a comprehensive view of your sales pipeline.

Key Features of Revenue Intelligence

Unified Sales Insights

Revenue Intelligence integrates several advanced tools, including:

  • Einstein Forecasting: AI-powered sales forecasting for accurate predictions.
  • Einstein Activity Capture: Automatically logs customer interactions to provide deeper insights.
  • Pipeline Inspection: Visualizes pipeline progress with dynamic flow charts.

These features leverage AI, forecasting, and customer engagement data to help your sales team confidently close deals and drive revenue growth.

Available for an Additional Cost

Revenue Intelligence and its robust features are available as an add-on. For detailed pricing information, please contact your Salesforce account executive.

Enhance Revenue and Build Stronger Pipelines with Revenue Insights

Comprehensive Performance Insights

Revenue Insights empowers sales teams with crucial performance insights to build stronger pipelines, improve forecast accuracy, and generate more revenue. It offers three embedded dashboards:

  • Overview: A broad view of sales performance.
  • Team Performance: Insights into how individual sales teams are performing.
  • Sales Performance: Detailed metrics on sales activities and outcomes.

Dynamic Pipeline Visualization

With Pipeline Inspection, users can track changes in their pipeline dynamically. The Flow tab displays changes to opportunities across different forecast categories over time, allowing users to filter and focus on the most relevant data.

By leveraging Salesforce Revenue Intelligence, sales teams can achieve unprecedented clarity and control over their sales processes, ensuring consistent growth and success.

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