Explore Public Sector Solutions, purpose-built applications crafted on the world’s most reliable CRM, tailored to assist public sector organizations in fostering and sustaining vibrant communities. Public Sector Solutions Trial Salesforce offer is your chance to test drive the PSS SFDC platform.

Public Sector Solutions Trial Salesforce

Gain hands-on experience through a comprehensive trial of Public Sector Solutions, designed for proof of concept and guided exploration. These trial organizations have a 30-day lifespan and encompass pre-enabled features, including:

  • Experience Cloud
  • Public Sector Mobile Inspection
  • Grantmaking
  • Salesforce Maps
  • Salesforce Scheduler
  • Shield
  • CRM Analytics for Public Sector Solutions
Salesforce government and public sector solutions

Access a specialized solution empowering governments and public agencies to enhance digital service delivery. The free trial includes:

  • Pre-loaded data (or the option to upload your own)
  • Pre-configured processes, reports, and dashboards
  • CRM Analytics for Consumer Goods
  • Guided content, how-to’s, and best practices for sales
  • Online training and live onboarding webinars

Visit the Salesforce Public Sector Solutions Trailhead [link] for more details.

Why Invest the Time in a Free Trial?

Designed for proof of concept and guided exploration, these trial organizations have a 30-day lifespan.

These solutions are particularly beneficial for state and local, federal, and tribal agencies seeking a rapid deployment of a flexible and scalable platform. This platform aims to modernize constituent services, such as licensing, permitting, and inspections, while expediting crisis response efforts to swiftly restore communities to well-being.

For additional information, contact your Salesforce Account Executive or Tectonic.

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