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summer 24 analytics release notes

Summer 24 Analytics Release Notes

Analytics summer 24 enhancements include new and updated features for Lightning reports and dashboards, Data Cloud reports and dashboards, CRM Analytics, Intelligent apps, and Tableau. Summer 24 Analytics Release Notes. Like Related Posts Salesforce Jigsaw, a prominent figure in cloud computing, has finalized a deal to acquire Jigsaw, a wiki-style business contact database, for

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Salesforce Public Sector Solutions

Get a Public Sector Solutions Trial Salesforce Org

Explore Public Sector Solutions, purpose-built applications crafted on the world’s most reliable CRM, tailored to assist public sector organizations in fostering and sustaining vibrant communities. Public Sector Solutions Trial Salesforce offer is your chance to test drive the PSS SFDC platform. Public Sector Solutions Trial Salesforce Gain hands-on experience through a comprehensive trial of Public

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add-ons for public sector solutions salesforce

Add-Ons for Salesforce Public Sector

Enhance your Public Sector Solutions implementation by incorporating add-ons. For instance, consider obtaining an add-on license for CRM Analytics, featuring prebuilt dashboards with predictive analytics to enhance constituent service. Alternatively, opt for an add-on license for Intelligent Document Reader, utilizing optical character recognition to extract data from paper-based forms and supplementary documents directly into Salesforce records. Further, explore add-on licenses for Einstein Relationship Insights, additional calls for the Business Rules Engine, or extra business and individual application forms.

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Salesforce CRM Analytics and Tableau Explained

In the busy world of business data management, leveraging data as a core element of strategy is not just important, it has become an imperative. Salesforce CRM Analytics and Tableau are great tools. Salesforce provides advanced solutions that surpass standard lightning reports and dashboards, offering profound insights into your data. CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM):

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Salesforce Sales Analytics

Salesforce Sales Analytics App

Sales Analytics empowers users to leverage the analytical capabilities of Analytics within Sales Cloud, accessible on any device supporting Analytics functionality. Featuring intuitive visualizations derived from Salesforce data, Sales Analytics facilitates a swift transition from insights to actionable strategies, enabling users to transform data into informed and intelligent sales decisions. The Salesforce Sales Analytics App

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Salesforce BI

Analytics Studio Salesforce

Analytics Studio Salesforce provides the foundational tool for building CRM Analytics assets—the lenses and dashboards that make up Analytics apps. Use Analytics Studio to explore your data and build lenses and dashboards with data visualizations that give you the insights to help you run your business. Store everything in apps— the containers of assets that

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CRM analytics

Salesforce CRM Analytics Collection Components

CRM Analytics organizes data into datasets, lenses, dashboards, and apps, collectively known as “CRM Analytics assets.” These assets represent different levels of data refinement, ranging from raw data uploaded from source systems to highly curated, packaged views. Salesforce CRM Analytics Collection Components. Salesforce CRM Analytics Collection Components After creating dashboards, lenses, and datasets, apps can

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CRM Analytics and Tableau

CRM Analytics and Tableau

Whether you’re exploring data visualization tools or delving into the realm of analytics, Tableau and Salesforce CRM Analytics (formerly known as Tableau CRM) likely appear on your radar, both under the Salesforce umbrella. In this discussion, we’ll scrutinize the key disparities between these solutions and discern when one triumphs over the other. Firstly, let’s clarify

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Salesforce Einstein and Einstein Automate

Salesforce Analytics in the Insurance Industry

In the insurance sector, data analytics are an indispensable tool for making informed decisions and achieving measurable, positive business outcomes. Salesforce analytics in insurance, and data can make all the difference. The current landscape poses heightened and more frequent risks, presenting substantial threats to carriers, reinsurers, and brokers across various business lines. Salesforce Analytics in

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