Acquiring and maintaining precise data is critical for providing a personalized experience to your target accounts via dynamic content. Using dynamic content to target key accounts, focuses your message. Utilizing lead capture forms enables you to collect essential information, allowing a deeper understanding of your buyers and the creation of tailored experiences based on their interests and behaviors.  Progressive profiling in forms allows you to capture more and more data with every interaction without repetitively asking questions about name and email address.

key accounts dynamic content

Ensure your top accounts always see content, images, and CTAs that appeal to them by creating email templates with dynamic sections that changes as their profiles change.

Dynamic content for key accounts is content that displays in a content area according to the rules that you define based on the subscriber’s attributes or data extension column values. By using dynamic content, you can ensure that a more-tailored message is reaching your targeted audience.

key accounts dynamic content

To capture the most relevant data, focus on the following key data points:

  • Dynamic Content:
    • Industry: Tailor your messaging to the specific needs of your target accounts by understanding the industry they belong to.
    • Pain Points: Identify the challenges your target accounts face to address their concerns effectively.
    • Job Title: Tailor your messaging to the expertise level by knowing the roles and responsibilities of your target audience.
    • Area of Interest or Product Interest: Customize messaging based on the products or services your target accounts are interested in.
    • Region: Tailor messaging to the specific region of your target accounts.
    • Company Size: Customize messaging based on the size of the organizations you are targeting.

In account-based marketing, personalization is key. By tailoring your messages and content to fit your target accounts’ specific needs and interests, you can significantly increase the likelihood of conversion.

There are a number of ways to personalize your account-based marketing efforts, but some of the most effective include segmenting your audience, tailoring your content, and using dynamic content.

Once you’ve collected the necessary data, implement it effectively. Here are some ways to use your data for personalized engagements:

  • Personalize Email Content:
    • Develop email templates featuring dynamic sections customized based on the recipient’s persona and interests.
  • Targeted Sales Outreach:
    • Create sales outreach emails with personalized callouts to account-relevant content for increased engagement.
  • Regional Event Invitations:
    • Send personalized emails for event invitations that adjust based on the recipient’s location and interests.
  • “Next Best Action” Global Footer:
    • Keep target accounts engaged with personalized offers refreshed based on their previous actions.
  • Create a Personalized Web Experience:

For a personalized web experience, consider these ideas:

  • Industry-Specific CTAs:
    • Personalize CTAs and showcase industry-specific content relevant to your target users.
  • Customers vs. Prospects:
    • Customize CTAs based on whether the target accounts are customers or prospects.
  • Regional CTAs:
    • Recommend events or webinars based on the region and time zone of your target accounts.

By capturing and leveraging the right data, you enhance the personalized experience for your target accounts, resulting in increased engagement and higher conversion rates.

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