We all rely on processes to keep our teams organized and propel work forward. However, manual processes can be cumbersome, with work often getting lost in the chaos of Slack DMs or crowded team channels.

Imagine if there were a way to structure processes into forms within Slack, allowing people to fill them out and automatically route requests to the appropriate individuals for follow-up. This is where Slack workflows come into play.

What are Workflows for Salesforce Slack?

A workflow is a multi-step process within your company, representing the sequence of tasks undertaken to achieve a business objective.

Examples of Workflows for Salesforce Slack include:

  • Triaging requests from other teams
  • Approving new sales contracts
  • Reviewing and publishing blog posts
  • Requesting marketing collateral
  • Submitting customer support tickets
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Reporting and fixing software bugs
  • Managing IT or facilities help desks

Workflows have a sequence of steps:

Each workflow consists of multiple stages that typically occur in a specific order.

Workflow Automation:

Workflow automation is the use of software to streamline multi-step, multi-team workflows, ensuring the correct steps are followed, and tasks are completed efficiently.

Types of Workflow Automation:

  • Data-driven Workflow Automation:
    • Listens for changes in one app and updates data in another.
    • Example: Automating lead creation in a sales CRM when a demo is requested on a website.
  • Human-driven Workflow Automation:
    • Triggered by an individual or team, routing a work item through a set of steps for others to take action.
    • Example: Creating a quote for a services contract, involving approvals, task assignments, and information requests.
Salesforce Workflows in Slack

Benefits of Workflow Automation in Slack:

  • Organize Requests:
    • Streamline overwhelming public channels by automating responses and ensuring proper assignment for requests.
  • Structured Requests with Forms:
    • Utilize forms or trigger workflows based on data changes, eliminating the need for manual requests for additional context.
  • Eliminate Manual Notifications:
    • Replace manual notifications with automated processes, reducing reliance on remembering to message the next person and ensuring task completion is tracked seamlessly.

By incorporating workflow automation into Slack, teams can enhance efficiency, maintain structure, and reduce the risk of tasks getting lost or delayed. Contact Tectonic to learn more about Slack integration.

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