Utilize Salesforce Grants Management for the collaborative collection and review of funding requests. Salesforce Grantseeker Collaboration tool empowers nonprofits.

Allow Funding Request Collaborators:

  • Navigate to Setup by clicking .
  • Enter “Metadata” in the Quick Find box, then click “Custom Metadata Types.”
  • Next to “Grants Management Settings,” click “Manage Records.”
  • Edit the “GlobalFeaturesSettings.”
  • Enable “Funding Request Collaboration” to allow collaboration.
  • Set the duration for the invitation’s availability (default is 7 days).
  • Specify the Collaborator Invitation URL using your portal’s base URL.
  • Enter the Unique Name of your self-signed certificate.
  • Save your settings.

Update Invitation to Collaborators:

  • Access Email Templates from the App Launcher ().
  • Select “Grants Management: Email Invitation for Collaborators.”
  • Edit the template to align with your organization’s branding.
  • Save your changes.
  • Modify the Grants Management: Send Invitations to Collaborators (Sample) flow criteria as needed.
  • Customize access for grantseekers, considering optional settings for efficiency.
  • New users are prompted to update organization information on the Home page or the grantee portal user icon ().

Key Functions of Salesforce Grantseeker Collaboration:

  • Track, manage, and deliver funding programs for stronger outcomes.
  • Nurture stakeholder relationships and understand their ties to funding programs.
  • Eliminate silos between teams for improved collaboration.
  • Enhance experiences for grantees by streamlining administrative processes.
  • Create and publish funding opportunities, provide collaboration tools, award grants, and manage budgets and disbursements.

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