Salesforce users have two options for creating a chatbot: either using an external platform and integrating the final product through Salesforce Lightning, or directly developing it within Salesforce Einstein Bot. Salesforce prioritizes empowering customers to create applications without the need for coding. Einstein Chatbot Salesforce.

Einstein Bots utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the customer service experience across various channels such as SMS, Chat, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, supporting conversations in multiple languages. They offer personalized and intelligent service by leveraging AI-powered chatbots integrated directly into the CRM. With just a few clicks, users can expedite issue resolution and boost productivity by utilizing AI-generated responses or automating routine tasks with bots integrated into Salesforce data. These secure, multilingual bots can be deployed on enhanced messaging channels, including in-app, web, and third-party platforms, as well as Slack and the Einstein Bots API.

Creating an Einstein Bot:

  • Users can create an Einstein Bot from scratch or choose from a variety of templates tailored to specific use cases.
  • Einstein Bots start from a Guided Setup Flow or by cloning an existing bot.
  • Two types of bots can be built from the Guided Setup Flow: Templates, which are fully featured bots delivering customized solutions, and Bots from Scratch, which include standard Salesforce system dialogs and are ideal for Bot admins starting with a blank slate.
  • Admins can clone bots for rapid development or create similar bots for different use cases.
  • Change sets can be used to migrate bots between orgs, facilitating testing in sandbox environments before deploying in production.

Enhanced Features for Einstein Bots:

  • The cross-lingual intent model simplifies adding languages to NLP bots, improving performance and offering intent and system entity recognition support for 19 languages.
  • New messaging components for enhanced bots, such as authentication, custom, form, and payment components, save service agents’ time and empower customers.
  • Enhanced bots can dynamically populate and send personalized files, such as invoices, to customers.
  • Multi-language bots can quickly translate dialogs to different languages, expanding reach and connectivity with diverse customer bases.

Einstein Bots offer various benefits:

  • Simplified development process with template-based or custom bot creation options.
  • Enhanced customer service through personalized and intelligent responses.
  • Multichannel deployment capabilities for seamless integration with existing communication channels.
  • Continuous learning and improvement through AI-powered technology.

Salesforce Einstein Chatbots provide a valuable solution for organizations aiming to streamline customer service, reduce case volume, and enhance overall customer experience across diverse channels and languages.

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