Salesforce Data Cloud

Revolutionizing Customer Engagement with the First Real-Time Platform – Salesforce Data Cloud

In today’s business environment, customer expectations are soaring, with 71% anticipating personalized interactions at every touchpoint. However, the deluge of data, diverse devices, and evolving experiences poses a challenge for companies to maintain relevance. The typical business juggles an average of 1,061 form completions resulting in fragmented customer profiles and a sense of anonymity. The experience rather than giving personalized value. Leading to a sense of disconnection.

Imagine a solution that consolidates all customer data, spanning channels and systems, into a unified source of truth. What if this real-time data could transform customer interactions? Empowering you to make them feel not just recognized but truly understood? Enter Salesforce Data Cloud, the inaugural real-time platform designed for customer magic.

Data Cloud seamlessly integrates real-time data into Customer 360, unlocking the potential for enchanting customer experiences.

Equipped with built-in connectors, Data Cloud aggregates data from diverse sources—Salesforce apps, mobile, web, connected devices, legacy systems via MuleSoft, and historical data from proprietary lakes—all in real time.

However, the true power lies in distilling this vast pool of data into a cohesive customer view. Data Cloud achieves this by harmonizing and storing customer data at an extensive scale, crafting a dynamic, real-time customer graph—a singular source of truth.

Real-Time Visibility

The Data Cloud process involves connecting data streams, harmonizing the data into a real-time customer graph, and making it available across the Customer 360, facilitating engagement and creating magical experiences—all unfolding in real time.

This real-time customer graph continually evolves as it absorbs more customer data. Activating this data across the entire Customer 360 empowers companies to create personalized, magical experiences. The real-time data from Data Cloud enhances automation with Flow and augments intelligence with Einstein, all under the reliable umbrella of Hyperforce infrastructure. The result? An automated, intelligent, and real-time Customer 360, delivering cost savings, time efficiency, and revenue growth.

Data Cloud’s impact spans across the Customer 360 ecosystem:

  • Sales: Real-time guidance empowers sales reps during customer calls, allowing personalized offers and adaptive conversations.
  • Service: From the contact center to the field, service reps can provide proactive assistance with real-time alerts, enabling issue resolution.
  • Marketing: Marketers can deliver personalized messages adapting to real-time customer activities across various channels.
  • Commerce: Retailers can tailor shopper experiences based on real-time actions, responding to abandoned carts or website interactions.
  • Platform: IT teams utilize low-code tools to create applications leveraging real-time data, from fraud detection to economic insights.
  • MuleSoft: Businesses can unlock real-time data across modern and legacy systems, promoting seamless integration.
  • Tableau: Real-time KPI monitoring informs strategic decisions, offering insights into sales, service, and marketing.
  • Slack: Leaders gain efficiency by facilitating teams to view real-time data through intelligent workflows.
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences: Payer and provider organizations leverage Data Cloud to connect clinical and non-clinical data, delivering real-time intelligent insights for better patient outcomes.
  • Financial Services: Financial advisors and bankers enhance client experiences by providing timely advice to accelerate financial goals.
  • AppExchange: Extend Data Cloud’s capabilities with the AppExchange Data Cloud Collection, featuring 18 partner apps automating advertising and enriching customer profiles.

In essence, Data Cloud empowers businesses across industries to deliver real-time, intelligent, and automated experiences, fostering loyalty, cost efficiency, and increased ROI—a truly magical transformation!

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