Salesforce Telephony Integration. Get on the phones faster with out-of-the-box telephony integration with Amazon Connect or a range of partners on the Salesforce AppExchange. Embed the phone into your digital channels in Service Cloud to provide a holistic view of your customer conversations.

Can we call through Salesforce?

A phone lets your team take and make calls alongside their other work in Salesforce. You can create a phone with Salesforce using Sales Dialer or Dialer for Essentials, or you can integrate a third-party phone product.

CTI, or computer telephony, is a key element of an omnichannel customer service strategy. Salesforce CTI is one of the most popular methods used to connect organizations’ telephone and computer systems.

Salesforce Telephony

What is telephony in Salesforce?

Telephony integration enhances communication and streamlines workflows by allowing users to handle calls, track call data, and access customer information all in one place. Telephony in Salesforce is done through a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) service.

“With Talkdesk, I can focus on what is important to customers, instead of fighting with our phone system. Not having to worry about your technology is half the battle.”

Megan Miles Customer Service Manager at Zumiez

Using the Telephony Integration API

The Telephony Integration API allows you to programmatically manage a voice call. The provided Amazon Connect Lambda functions automatically use these endpoints to perform telephony functions, but you can also use these APIs separate from the provided Lambda functions.

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