Salesforce Introduces Unified Knowledge: Empowering Service Excellence with Integrated Organizational Insights

Salesforce has unveiled Unified Knowledge, a groundbreaking solution designed to integrate organizational knowledge from diverse third-party systems directly into Salesforce. This innovation aims to enhance the efficiency of service agents, enabling them to resolve customer cases more swiftly and effectively. Unified Knowledge, coupled with customer data from Salesforce Data Cloud, leverages this aggregated knowledge to generate precise and personalized AI-driven content. This capability ensures faster and more tailored customer experiences.

Why It Matters

In today’s service landscape, 79% of organizations are investing in AI to bolster their support capabilities. However, 76% of executives face challenges in scaling AI effectively due to fragmented systems and isolated data sources.

Enhancing Service with AI: Einstein for Service

Built on the Einstein Trust Layer, Einstein for Service harnesses AI to elevate service team productivity and enhance customer experiences. Historically, this capability has relied on structured and unstructured customer data within Data Cloud.

Unified Knowledge: Integrating Comprehensive Data Sources

Unified Knowledge enriches AI models by incorporating Salesforce knowledge articles and information from external platforms such as SharePoint, Confluence, Google Drive, and corporate websites. This holistic data foundation empowers Einstein for Service with robust generative AI capabilities, ensuring agents and AI assistants deliver timely and accurate solutions.

Strategic Partnership with Zoomin

Powered by a strategic collaboration with Zoomin, Unified Knowledge amplifies service capabilities through:

  • Knowledge Answers in Bots: Automatically generates responses within bots using comprehensive internal and external knowledge. For example, retail customers can access information like clothing care instructions sourced from manufacturers.
  • Einstein Copilot for Mobile Workers: Empowers mobile workers to receive instant, knowledge-based responses via Einstein Copilot. This capability supports real-time issue troubleshooting, such as helping technicians install appliances.
  • Search Answers: Provides answers sourced from trusted knowledge bases directly within customer portals or agent consoles. Banking customers, for instance, can find step-by-step instructions for tasks like canceling a credit card independently.

Expansion Across Salesforce Ecosystem

Unified Knowledge extends beyond Service Cloud to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce Field Service, Sales Cloud, Health Cloud, and Financial Services Cloud, ensuring comprehensive data utilization across various operational domains.

Salesforce Perspective

“In service, enhanced knowledge and context lead to superior outcomes for both agents and customers. Unified Knowledge complements Data Cloud’s customer insights by integrating external organizational data, facilitating widespread adoption of generative AI and enabling faster, more meaningful customer engagements.” – Kishan Chetan, EVP and GM, Service Cloud

Customer Reaction

“Unified Knowledge enables us to deliver proactive, predictive, and preventive service to our customers. By unifying our extensive resources through a single system, our agents can swiftly provide solutions, ensuring consistent service delivery and boosting organizational productivity.” – Dharam Rai, VP, Global Customer Success & Experience, Sonos


Unified Knowledge is available in open beta today for Salesforce customers using Service Cloud Unlimited Edition, Einstein 1 Service Edition, or the Knowledge Add-On. Knowledge Answers in Bots will be generally available in June 2024, while Einstein Copilot for Mobile Workers and Search Answers are available now.

This strategic initiative underscores Salesforce’s commitment to enhancing service excellence through integrated, AI-driven solutions that empower organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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