Salesforce Unveils Summer 2024 Release with Generative AI at the Forefront

Salesforce has announced its Summer 2024 release, featuring generative AI (GenAI) as a key highlight. Set to be generally available on June 17, 2024, this release promises enhanced productivity and access to large language models (LLMs) on an open platform. Read on to see why we call Summer 24 the AI release.

Key Features of the Summer 2024 Release

1. Bring Your Own LLM Expansion

  • Seamlessly integrates OpenAI and Azure OpenAI LLMs with Salesforce.
  • Adds support for Google Gemini and AWS Bedrock models (Mistral, Titan, Llama 2, and others).

2. Slack AI

  • Uses conversational data to enhance user efficiency and intelligence.
  • Offers features like recaps (daily morning summaries) and search answers, providing personalized responses.

3. Zero Copy Integration with Amazon Redshift

  • Transfers data between Data Cloud and Amazon Redshift without copying.
  • Ensures real-time updates across platforms and enables secure data sharing and federation.

4. Vector Database

  • Ingests, consolidates, and indexes structured and unstructured data within Data Cloud.
  • Supports automation, analytics, search, and AI functionalities.

5. Data Cloud for Commerce

  • Utilizes real-time analytics, automation, and personalization for better business insights and revenue.
  • Leverages commerce, marketing, and third-party data to inform decisions.

6. Digital Wallet

  • Provides insights into the usage of consumption-based products.
  • Helps customers optimize spending and identify trends for informed purchasing decisions.

Enhanced Security with Einstein Trust Layer

The Einstein Trust Layer ensures enhanced protection for customer and company data, making the new features more secure.

Upcoming Pre-Summer Releases

In addition to the major features coming in June, Salesforce has already introduced several innovations:

Unified Knowledge Solution

  • Aggregates information from various internal systems into Salesforce.
  • Enhances service agent productivity and speeds up customer case resolution.
  • Supplements Data Cloud and GenAI capabilities for quicker, personalized customer experiences.
  • Integrates knowledge sources like Salesforce articles, SharePoint, and Google Drive.

Salesforce and Vonage Partnership

  • Integrates Salesforce Einstein Conversation Insights with Vonage’s Premier for Service Cloud Voice solution.
  • Provides real-time conversational data, including voice transcripts and caller sentiment.
  • Enhances customer engagement and agent experiences with intelligent global calling capabilities.


Salesforce’s Summer 2024 release is packed with generative AI enhancements, robust integrations, and new tools aimed at boosting productivity, security, and data insights. With features gradually rolling out and pre-summer innovations already available, Salesforce continues to lead in delivering cutting-edge AI solutions to its users.

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