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Spring ’24 Release Enhancements for Public Sector, Education, and Nonprofit

Enhancements for Public Sector Education and Nonprofit Spring ’24. Change of Circumstance Guided Flow Public Sector Ensure that benefit eligibility remains accurate even when circumstances change. Use guided flows to simplify the process for constituents to report a “change in circumstance” and for caseworkers to re-check eligibility and adjust disbursement amounts. Caseworker Productivity Dashboard Public

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Salesforce Copilot

What is Einstein Copilot for Salesforce?

What Is Einstein Copilot for Salesforce? Salesforce Copilot service operates similarly to other generative AI tools in the customer experience landscape. Users can instruct the tool to automatically respond to customer queries with pertinent, personalized answers based on company data. Is Copilot Safe to Use? Concerned about the safety of using Copilot? Rest assured, you

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Salesforce Forecasting

Salesforce Forecasting with Reports and Dashboards

Maximizing Salesforce Forecasting: A Comprehensive Guide Over the years, user skepticism has surrounded Salesforce Forecasting, with some dismissing it as too basic or unnecessary within the Salesforce ecosystem. Addressing these concerns poses fundamental questions: Do you aspire to predict revenue? Are you committed to accelerating deal closures for your sales team? Do you actively utilize

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Customer Satisfaction

Tectonic’s Approach to Ensuring Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

by Tectonic’s Sean McSkimming Scenarios of Assorted Levels of Customer Satisfaction – Ensuring Salesforce Customer Satisfaction Are you having satisfaction issues during or after your Salesforce implementation? Are you not happy with the Salesforce solution or implementation provided to you? Or are you seeing low user adoption after the implementation has gone live? This can

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Salesforce Einstein AI Trust Layer

Einstein AI Trust Layer Explained

The Einstein Trust Layer is a secure AI architecture. It is natively built into the Salesforce Platform. Designed for enterprise security standards the Einstein Trust Layer continues to allow teams to benefit from generative AI. Without compromising their customer data, while at the same time letting companies use their trusted data to improve generative AI

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Trust Through Effective Data Access

Generate Trust Through Effective Data Access

Trust Through Effective Data Access Objective: Empower your teams with data access to encourage proactive decision-making. Simplify your business’s data landscape by tailoring team members’ access, ensuring they can readily find the pertinent information. Implementation: Incorporate role-based licensing with built-in governance to create trust through effective data access. Distribute data broadly across your organization, ensuring

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Salesforce Backup and Recovery

Salesforce Backup – A Safety Measure for Your Data Treasure

On August 15, 2023, Salesforce shared the widespread availability of Salesforce Backup and Recovery, a native backup and restore solution meticulously crafted to ensure the security of customers’ invaluable data. Engineered for user-friendly operation, Salesforce Backup automatically generates backup copies of business data, allowing any organization to effortlessly restore data and recover from even the

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