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Salesforce Genie

Service Genie

Leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud data, Service Genie delivers real-time, personalized customer experiences. Service Genie Unveiled: Revolutionizing Customer Experiences While Service Genie operates within the Salesforce ecosystem, one must distinguish it from other tools dubbed as service genies that are not affiliated with Salesforce. Service Genie, leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud data, is a real-time solution dedicated

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Salesforce Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Consulting

Empower Digital Evolution — Traditional tools like shared spreadsheets and physical paper fall short in the face of modern digital solutions. At Tectonic, we specialize in delivering compelling digital experiences to both our clients and their customers. Our team of digital transformation consultants collaborates closely with you to conceive, construct, and expand genuinely transformative digital

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Salesforce Data Cloud

Data Cloud from Salesforce

What is the data cloud in Salesforce? A hyperscale data platform built into Salesforce. Activate all your customer data across Salesforce applications with Salesforce Data Cloud, formerly known as Customer Data Platform (or CDP). Empower teams to engage customers, at every touchpoint, with relevant insights and contextual data in the flow of work. What is

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Ensuring Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

Tectonic Acquires Sakonet

7 Mile Advisors Acts As The Exclusive Sell-Side Advisor To Sakonent In Their Acquisition By Tectonic-Tectonic Acquires Sakonet Sakonent, a Chicago-based premier CRM consultancy and provider of integrated approach to automating big data, analytics, marketing automation tools in the cloud, was acquired by Tectonic, a Denver-based technology services company. Terms of the transaction were not

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Salesforce BI

Analytics Studio Salesforce

Analytics Studio Salesforce provides the foundational tool for building CRM Analytics assets—the lenses and dashboards that make up Analytics apps. Use Analytics Studio to explore your data and build lenses and dashboards with data visualizations that give you the insights to help you run your business. Store everything in apps— the containers of assets that

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Salesforce Automation

Salesforce Automation

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, efficiency reigns supreme, and the optimization of processes is paramount for success. Salesforce automation tools stand as indispensable allies in this pursuit, empowering businesses to automate repetitive tasks, eliminate errors, and liberate valuable time for employees to focus on mission-critical endeavors. From sales to marketing and customer service, Salesforce offers

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What is Distributed Marketing in Salesforce

What is Distributed Marketing in Salesforce?

Distributed Marketing encompasses a suite of tools, workflows, and interfaces that enable users to access, interact with, and disseminate Marketing Cloud Engagement content seamlessly from within their CRM environment. It empowers users to effectively engage with their client base, whether individually or by segments. What is Distributed Marketing in Salesforce? Distributed marketing software, on the

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public sector and tribal governent

Capabilities of Salesforce Interaction Studio

Capabilities of Salesforce Interaction Studio Interaction Studio transforms website and email experiences with personalized content recommendations. It collects data for analytics, allowing the creation of meaningful experiences based on customer profiles. Additionally, it integrates with customer service interactions, providing agents with customer profiles and recommendations. What does Salesforce Interaction Studio do? Interaction Studio enables marketers

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Industry Cloud

Tectonic’s Salesforce Industry Experience

Tectonic’s Salesforce Industry Experience spans 16+ years of work focused on certain industry areas. Tectonic has worked in all of the following industries implementing and customizing Salesforce: Put Tectonic’s Industry Experience to work for your organization. Our industry and Salesforce expertise will have you up and running in no time. Casino Case Study Government Case

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