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Learning AI

The New Age of Compliance with AI

How can small businesses ensure compliance? Business in the New Age of Compliance with AI can be challenging. While larger corporations often allocate resources for extensive research and development to maintain compliance, smaller businesses may lack the means to conduct thorough due diligence. In such cases, it becomes crucial for them to pose the right

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Developing Your AI Workforce in the Public Sector

Even the most advanced and technically robust AI solutions can only achieve their full potential with a dedicated team proficient in their utilization. Developing Your AI Workforce in the Public Sector has some primary challenges. Key considerations include: This insight delves into the composition of an Integrated Product Team, strategies for assembling and overseeing AI

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Einstein Trust Layer explained

Einstein Trust Layer Explained

The Einstein Trust Layer, seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce Platform, serves as a secure AI architecture designed to meet enterprise security standards. This foundational layer prioritizes stringent security measures, allowing teams to harness the power of generative AI without compromising customer data. Simultaneously, it empowers companies to make the most of their trusted data, thereby

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Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud Evolution

Data Cloud stands as the fastest-growing organically built product in Salesforce’s history, signifying a significant milestone in solving the enduring data problem within Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Salesforce Data Cloud Evolution since its beginnings is an interesting story. With an average of 928 systems per company, identity resolution becomes challenging, especially when managing more than

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public sector and tribal governent

Regaining Trust in the Public Sector with Salesforce

The continual onslaught of global crises has heightened the vital role played by public sector institutions. These entities bear the responsibility of delivering essential services that fortify economies, safeguard community health, and ensure national security. However, despite their crucial functions, public sector institutions are facing challenges in earning and retaining public trust. Read on to

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Roles in AI

Salesforce’s Quest for AI for the Masses

The software engine, Optimus Prime (not to be confused with the Autobot leader), originated in a basement beneath a West Elm furniture store on University Avenue in Palo Alto. A group of artificial intelligence enthusiasts within Salesforce, seeking to enhance the impact of machine learning models, embarked on this mission two years ago. While shoppers

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