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Spring ’24 Salesforce Enhancements to Health Cloud and the Financial Services Industry

Salesforce Enhancements to Health Cloud and the Financial Services Industry bring about big changes for Health Cloud and financial services solutions. Enhancements Home Health Enhancements Health Cloud Deliver connected health in the home with new slot broadcasting, intelligent medication management, and a self-service patient portal. Provider Relationship and Network Management Enhancements Health Cloud Process referrals

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Industry Cloud

Salesforce Industry Cloud Explained

What are Salesforce industry clouds? Salesforce Industry Cloud aims to fast-track the digital transformation within different industries by providing tailored solutions that can enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and improve overall business efficiency.  Industry cloud platforms use innovative technologies and approaches, such as packaged business capabilities, industry-aware data fabrics and composable tooling to go beyond

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Salesforce Success Story

Case Study: Largest Native American Tribe in the US-Citizen Engagement for Tribes-Salesforce Public Sector Solutions (PSS)/Health Cloud/Experience Cloud/Marketing Cloud and Mulesoft

Citizen Engagement for Tribes Salesforce Tribal Government MuleSoft Experience Cloud Health Cloud Public Sector Solutions (PSS) Health Cloud Experience Cloud Tribal Nation Solutions MuleSoft Marketing Cloud salesforce tribal government mulesoft Industry: Tribes – Government & Healthcare PROBLEM: SOLUTION: Implementation of Salesforce Public Sector Solutions (PSS), Health Cloud, Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud & MuleSoft: RESULTS: Like1

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phi vs ephi


PHI vs. ePHI: Navigating Healthcare Data Security Established in 1996, HIPAA predates the era of high-speed internet access, cloud computing, and ubiquitous smartphones. During the 90s, healthcare providers relied on fax, paper forms, and traditional mail to transmit Protected Health Information (PHI). In today’s digital landscape, providers leverage electronic means to transmit a greater volume

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What is Health Cloud

What is Health Cloud?

Salesforce Health Cloud, a specialized platform designed for healthcare organizations, aims to streamline operations and provide personalized care. By leveraging cloud technology, mobile capabilities, and social integration, Health Care Cloud enhances productivity, reduces costs, and offers a comprehensive view of patient data. Salesforce keeps electronic personal health information (ephi) safe and secure. Since its inception,

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MuleSoft Direct for Industry Cloud

Announcing MuleSoft Direct for Salesforce Industry Clouds

MuleSoft provides the easy-to-use tools you need to automate your way to higher productivity and lower costs.  Announcing MuleSoft Direct for Salesforce Industry Clouds! Salesforce and MuleSoft have introduced a groundbreaking connectivity solution, MuleSoft Direct for Industry Clouds, designed to expedite project delivery and foster innovation within specific industries. This solution empowers both business and

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Salesforce and Healthcare

Healthcare Technology Solutions

Healthcare institutions have the golden opportunity to enhance the technology systems implemented over the past few pandemic years, particularly in the realm of virtual rounding—where clinicians utilize collaboration technologies to interact with patients remotely. This approach gained significant traction during the pandemic and is now poised for further growth and refinement. Healthcare Technology Solutions. Healthcare

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Salesforce and Healthcare

Personalized Experiences in Healthcare

Customization plays a pivotal role in elevating engagement and fostering trust between healthcare providers and patients. By crafting personalized communications and experiences grounded in patient demographics, health status, and preferences, healthcare organizations can position themselves as reliable partners in their patients’ health journeys. The arrival of Salesforce Personalization brings a whole new set of tools

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