Facilitate constituent referrals to service providers effortlessly by utilizing a guided flow. This streamlined process enables the inclusion of comprehensive information about individuals or households, providers, and other essential details. Enhance the effectiveness of service delivery by sharing the referral record and additional information directly with the service provider. Your caseworkers can easily refer constituents to providers using guided flow.

Implementation of this feature is relevant in Lightning Experience within Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions where Public Sector Solutions are enabled.

Provider Referral

The provider referral guided flow optimizes how caseworkers communicate pertinent information to service providers, encompassing details such as required services, necessary documentation, and other crucial information for efficient service delivery.

Government agencies often become aware of constituents in need when they apply for benefits or when concerns are reported or referred to the agency. Caseworkers play a vital role in understanding constituent issues, identifying suitable benefits and services to enhance well-being, and referring constituents to other agencies or providers as necessary.

Caseworkers carry out various tasks when referring constituents to providers, including reviewing benefit applications, assigning benefits to eligible constituents, and searching for certified providers to deliver the required benefits. If certified providers are not available, caseworkers may refer constituents to another agency or provider offering the necessary services.

Refer constituents to providers using guided flow

The provider referral guided flow assists caseworkers in efficiently sharing pertinent information with providers during the referral process. This flow facilitates tasks such as including constituent and provider information from records, entering referral details, describing required services, attaching relevant documents, and sharing additional information through service-specific PDF templates for customization by the provider or agency.

Upon completion of the flow, a referral is created, and documents, along with filled PDF templates, are attached and shared with selected providers or agencies. Providers and agencies then utilize the shared information to determine their capacity to serve referred constituents.

The Provider Referral flow is presented as an OmniScript guided flow, allowing customization of the OmniScript and associated OmniStudio components to align with specific programs and processes. Additionally, create fillable PDF templates to share tailored information with providers for the services delivered to constituents.

By Tectonic’s Salesforce Marketing Consultant, Shannan Hearne

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