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connect Salesforce to external APIs

API Salesforce

What is an API in Salesforce? An API is an Application Programming Interface offered by Salesforce, a leading cloud-based CRM platform. The API allows developers to integrate Salesforce functionality into other applications and business systems, enabling streamlined workflows, automated processes, and greater productivity. In essence, the API is a messenger that pulls information from one

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Salesforce Data Cloud

Data Cloud from Salesforce

What is the data cloud in Salesforce? A hyperscale data platform built into Salesforce. Activate all your customer data across Salesforce applications with Salesforce Data Cloud, formerly known as Customer Data Platform (or CDP). Empower teams to engage customers, at every touchpoint, with relevant insights and contextual data in the flow of work. What is

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Salesforce and Healthcare

Healthcare Technology Solutions

Healthcare institutions have the golden opportunity to enhance the technology systems implemented over the past few pandemic years, particularly in the realm of virtual rounding—where clinicians utilize collaboration technologies to interact with patients remotely. This approach gained significant traction during the pandemic and is now poised for further growth and refinement. Healthcare Technology Solutions. Healthcare

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Salesforce Integrations for Sales and Marketing Teams

What do Salesforce integrations entail? Salesforce Integrations for Sales and Marketing Teams. Salesforce integrations involve establishing connections between Salesforce and various third-party applications, ranging from marketing automation tools and customer service software to accounting programs. This seamless exchange of data between platforms serves to enhance Salesforce’s overall functionality. How extensive is Salesforce’s integration ecosystem? Salesforce

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Salesforce Slack

Swarming with Slack

Enhance case resolution and field service efficiency by promoting instant collaboration through Salesforce Slack “swarming”. Facilitate quick access to the right experts using Expert Finder, initiating a swarm channel directly from a case or incident. The seamless integration ensures that agents can participate in a Slack swarm without leaving the console, maintaining access to crucial

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Salesforce Case Object

Salesforce Case Object

Salesforce Case Object The Salesforce case object represents a case, which is a customer issue or problem. What is the Salesforce case object? A Salesforce Case object can be thought of as a workbook containing all the issues, questions, disputes, and requests that customers have brought up with your business. What is the difference between

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Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Benefits of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Should nonprofit organizations embrace Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? The benefits of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for NGOs are numerous. Many nonprofit organizations are currently leveraging Salesforce’s CRM for Nonprofits, known as Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. Salesforce proves instrumental in fortifying and expanding crucial relationships and opportunities aligned with your organization’s mission. Whether it’s maintaining strong connections with

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Salesforce Developer and DevOps Acronyms

Here is a helpful glossary of Salesforce developer terms you will often here in relation to Salesforce Development. Acronym Meaning Defintion ALM Application Lifestyle Management “How changes and enhancements are rolled out to Salesforce instances. Having a solid ALM process ensures the org continues to work properly and delivers the most value to end-users. Within

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Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning Apps and The Utility Bar

Ever considered having a static section in Salesforce for essential items like training links, flows, external links, visualforce pages, phone dialer, and more? Look no further – enter the Salesforce Lightning ‘Utility Bar.’ This insight provides a quick introduction to the utility bar, detailing how to set up and make the most of this handy

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