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Slack and AI

Just When You Thought We Were GPT’d Out, Here Comes Slack and Generative AI

Since its public introduction in 2014, Slack has transformed from its original concept, a searchable log of all conversation and knowledge, into a comprehensive productivity platform that has reshaped how work and co-working is conducted. Get ready! Here comes Slack and Generative AI! In a recent release, Salesforce Slack unveiled a next-generation platform. A platform

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Slack and Salesforce

Amaze Your Customers With Slack and Service Cloud For Improved Customer Service

Surpass your customers’ expectations with the combined power of Service Cloud and Slack. Drive down operating costs, enhance team productivity, and exceed customer expectations by leveraging the capabilities of Service Cloud and Slack.  Understanding the current service landscape: The digital transformation, accelerated by the pandemic, has propelled customers and businesses into a new era, marked

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Salesforce Asset Managment

Create an Asset in Salesforce Asset Management

Assets, such as refrigerators or freezers strategically placed at retail stores or customer locations, serve to enhance sales. As the owner of these assets, you bear responsibility for their maintenance, repair, and required services. Efficient asset management not only reduces customer complaints but also elevates your brand value. Active tracking of asset conditions enables better

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revenue cloud

CPQ Revenue Cloud Billing Salesforce

Unleash the Power of Salesforce CPQ for Seamless Product Configuration: CPQ Revenue Cloud Billing Salesforce Maximize the potential of Salesforce CPQ to effortlessly configure all your products. Empower sales representatives with the knowledge to provide accurate quotes through guided product discovery, solution selling, and advanced configuration logic. Boost sales productivity by seamlessly integrating configure, price,

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MuleSoft Direct for Industry Cloud

Announcing MuleSoft Direct for Salesforce Industry Clouds

MuleSoft provides the easy-to-use tools you need to automate your way to higher productivity and lower costs.  Announcing MuleSoft Direct for Salesforce Industry Clouds! Salesforce and MuleSoft have introduced a groundbreaking connectivity solution, MuleSoft Direct for Industry Clouds, designed to expedite project delivery and foster innovation within specific industries. This solution empowers both business and

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Salesforce Partner Portal

Salesforce Partner Portals Built on Salesforce Experience Cloud

In the pursuit of strengthening partner relationships and expanding market reach, the adoption of a robust partner portal is crucial. Salesforce Experience Cloud presents an optimal solution that empowers organizations to craft customized and collaborative partner portals.  All with the security and flexibility you expect from Salesforce. Salesforce Partner Portals Built on Salesforce Experience Cloud.

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Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Benefits of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is a custom, industry specific solutions platform that helps you manage your entire book-of-business and customer service lifecycle, while increasing collaboration and visibility between sales, operations, and partners. Here are the Benefits of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud. Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud offers numerous benefits that contribute to the efficient and seamless operation of your

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Tectonic Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360 is a family of Salesforce products and services that help businesses manage and connect with their customers across all touchpoints. With Customer 360, businesses can access a comprehensive view of their customers, including all their interactions and data, in one unified platform. This centralized data model allows businesses to deliver personalized and

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Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud

Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud

Salesforce Energy & Utilities Cloud is a robust platform tailored to meet the evolving needs of the energy industry. It offers personalized solutions for various sectors, including power, utilities, oil, gas, and green energy, prioritizing customer satisfaction through personalized services, AI-driven enhancements, and cutting-edge infrastructure offerings. The platform assists organizations in addressing challenges such as

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