The Salesforce donor management solution offers a comprehensive fundraising tool to support the continuous growth of nonprofit organizations and facilitate the tracking of donor-related data.

Donor Engagement: Enhance donor engagement by providing a personalized self-service experience through Salesforce donor management software. Enable donors to explore the impact of their contributions, read stories, and stay connected with your mission.

Empower Donors: Empower donors to stay connected by allowing them to access their donation history, update contact details, manage communication preferences, and handle recurring gifts. This ensures a seamless and interactive experience for donors.

Development Staff Efficiency: Improve the efficiency of your development staff by managing donors at scale through a donor platform. Minimize time spent on routine tasks, allowing your team to focus on more personalized and impactful interactions with donors.

Digital Spaces: Create private, secure, and branded digital spaces tailored to your nonprofit. Utilize the Salesforce platform and CRM data to engage any community on any device.

Donation Management System: Utilize a donation management system strategically for fundraising efforts, handling data for past, current, and potential donors. This system acts as a cloud-based filing cabinet, tracking all relevant information about your organization, including names, emails, tasks, deadlines, and gift asks.

Fundraising for Nonprofit Cloud: Salesforce’s Fundraising for Nonprofit Cloud offers tools specifically designed for the unique considerations of the nonprofit sector. It assists fundraisers in nurturing relationships, capturing supporter information, monitoring key metrics, and unifying teams with purpose-built tools for various fundraising roles and channels.

Features of Salesforce Donor Management for Nonprofits:

  • Capture all supporter information and interactions in one centralized location.
  • Scan key metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of channels, campaigns, and messages.
  • Unify teams with specialized tools for different fundraising roles and channels.
  • Fundraising Portfolio Management allows Major Gift officers to view their entire portfolio on one screen.
  • Individual Donor Profiles offer insights into a donor’s history with your organization and the action plan for cultivation.

Additional Functionality:

  • Build complex, reusable segments and use Source Codes to track the performance of appeals across segments, messages, and channels.
  • Streamline gift processing with Gift Entry and manage commitments, designations, soft credits, tributes, and more.
  • Simplify the grant-seeking process from prospecting and proposal submission to deliverable management and reporting.

Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofits: Salesforce provides various solutions tailored for nonprofits, including Nonprofit Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, Nonprofit Success Pack, and Account Subledger, enabling organizations of all sizes to achieve success.

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