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Big data analytics, marketing automation, and CRM transformation success doesn’t happen by chance, it must be engineered into the processes and systems that make up the information backbone of your enterprise. Ensure your success by leveraging the right hardware, software, analytics, and process integrations.

Tectonic’s data management capabilities provide expert architectural design and development for your solutions; guidance on your platform deployment options such as Cloud versus On-Prem versus Hybrid; and even engineer your modern data management strategy including, integration, data structures, data ingestion, data curation, industry standard data models, MDM/governance, and data monetization.

We can even provide all, or part, of the implementation of the engineered solution and data management plan, provisioning of platforms, system and data integration across the ecosystem, and development of data structures and modeling.

Predictive Analytics in 30 Days!

proveitlogoBig data offers tremendous potential and promise, but can also require big vision and commitment up front before any value is realized. While the rate of adoption is staggering, we are still early in the maturity cycle. The number of companies with fully-operational and successful Big Data solutions is still limited. With early adoption of cutting-edge technologies comes significant risk from making mistakes and failing to keep pace with the overall state of capabilities and trends.

Pulling from our experience, with exploring new tools and technologies, the premise of ProveIt is to allow business stakeholders to test drive these tools in a controlled fashion with very specific, focused objectives to provide a basis for the decision to commit to Big Data. While very tactical and efficient in execution, ProveIt is also designed to assist with validating strategy and long range planning by replacing estimation and guesswork with actual metric and result.

Thru ProveIt we are enabling organizations to explore those big promises in 30-days or less — without making the big commitment. ProveIt, focuses on value instead of the underlying technologies. Big Data has gained popularity and acceptance by adhering to a ‘follow the value’ mantra. As much as the domain is being driven by radically new technologies and approaches to solving age old problems, the real winner here is the business stakeholder. Big Data just becomes the enabler of better, faster, and more consumable analytics and data transforms from being a closely guarded, difficult to manage liability to an asset and perhaps the advantage you have over competitors.

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Custom-Tailored Big Data Strategy

BalanceToday’s Big Data world is all about choices — choice of platforms and technologies; choice of data sources and analytic solutions; and choice of whether to deploy your own clusters or depend on a service provider for some or all of your big data environments. So, making the decision and commitment to a Big Data solution is just the tip of the iceberg. The real challenge comes into play when you need to combine the right technologies, platforms, service providers and analytics in a way that makes sense for your business environment and goals.

In dealing with any degree of change, the most prudent approach is usually an incremental, low-risk migration from where you are today to a future state that focuses on core business values. This strategy is calculated, and brings a strong Balance of continuing to leverage what you do today, with introducing new capabilities to keep up with the constantly, increasing demands of your customers and stakeholders.

Archipelago’s Balance program is a comprehensive methodology and toolset designed to craft a tailored Big Data strategy and approach for your company. It’s designed to realize the potential of Big Data without suffering from the growing pains and uncertainty associated with disruptive new capabilities. Balance will closely align your goals and values with the core capabilities or ‘sweet spot’ of the Big Data ecosystem. Archipelago’s Balance will allow you to embrace new objectives and deliver solutions to the business more effectively and rapidly than ever before.

In the relatively short history of Big Data, perhaps the most significant improvement has been the way you deploy Big Data repositories and clusters themselves. It began with raw, open source packages and codes available for download, leaving everything else up to you. And, now today there are solutions that require orders of magnitude, less time, expertise, and capital investments to deploy.

To embark on this journey, you need a trusted partner who works with these tools and can help you navigate the ecosystem, but also understand and care about your specific needs. With Archipelago’s Balance program, we can help you find the right platform and maintain the right balance over the life of your big data analytics projects. Archipelago’s Balance is about finding and following the Value. Big Data has the potential to change your business profoundly, but only if you find the right balance that makes sense to you and your organization.

Today’s Big Data world is all about choices. In fact, the big choices can become part of the big challenges associated with Big Data. Not only are there an abundance of technologies available today, but you even have choices about where you implement them.

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