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Roles in AI

12 Roles in AI You Didn’t Know You Needed To Know

Exploring new roles in generative AI – 12 new roles to dive into For those intrigued by the possibilities of AI, here are twelve emerging roles to keep an eye on—some already in existence (albeit in early stages), and others envisioned by experts like Berthy for the near future. Could one of these roles be

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Salesforce Nonprofit

Salesforce Donor Management for Nonprofits

The Salesforce donor management solution offers a comprehensive fundraising tool to support the continuous growth of nonprofit organizations and facilitate the tracking of donor-related data. Donor Engagement: Enhance donor engagement by providing a personalized self-service experience through Salesforce donor management software. Enable donors to explore the impact of their contributions, read stories, and stay connected

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Amazon Salesforce

The world’s leading cloud provider and the #1 CRM platform are making it easier for customers to seamlessly and securely manage their data across Salesforce and AWS. Now able to safely and responsibly use the latest generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in their applications and workflows. AWS and Salesforce support customers through new and enhanced

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Salesforce Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse, fueled by Tableau Artificial Intelligence and exclusive to Tableau Cloud, revolutionizes the data ingestion experience. The ability to empower business users with intelligent, personalized insights seamlessly integrated into their workflows. Whereas once upon a time AI for the lay user was about as friendly as asking Siri a question which she Googles for

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Intelligent Customer Service in Financial Service

Today, a stellar customer experience in financial services hinges on being digital-first, as affirmed by over three-quarters of Americans. This preference presents a significant opportunity for innovative, online-only fintech companies. However, for traditional financial services institutions (FSIs), it poses a crucial call to action to enhance their digital offerings promptly. Intelligent Customer Service in Financial

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