Does Conga Integrate with Salesforce? Yes, Conga Collaborate seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, enabling users to generate documents from data-driven templates. This integration reduces document creation time, minimizes user errors, and ensures content consistency.

How Does Conga Composer Work in Salesforce? Conga Composer simplifies document generation in SFDC by providing easy access to available data. Fields are directly mapped to templates, which are stored in Salesforce for user selection on predefined routines. Users can enjoy the flexibility of personalized templates while consistently producing accurate output results.

Conga and Salesforce

What is Conga’s Solution integrated in Salesforce? Conga Composer empowers Salesforce customers to customize, streamline, and scale document generation and reporting processes within Salesforce.

Is Conga a Salesforce Partner? Conga has established a robust partner ecosystem in the SaaS space, collaborating with platform partners like Salesforce and AWS, along with global systems integrators and regional partners. Numerous partners are certified in Conga products.

Is Conga a Standard Object of Salesforce? The Conga Collaborate managed package establishes relationships between the Octiv Documents object and five standard Salesforce objects: Opportunity, Account, Case, Contact, and Lead. Documents can be created from these objects without additional configuration required.

Standardize and Automate Contract Creation and Management Processes with Conga:

  • Centralize contract storage, search, and retrieval
  • Standardize clause libraries for compliance
  • Track contracts with notifications and automated tasks
  • Capture signatures from any connected device

Enhance Sales and Service Efficiency with Conga: Salesforce customers can leverage Conga to automate business processes across the revenue cycle, from proposals to contract management to renewals, resulting in a seamless end-to-end user experience. Conga is a tool that is easily integrated with Salesforce.

What Documents are Created with Conga? Conga is utilized for various industry-specific documents throughout the revenue cycle, including proposals, quotes, contracts, and more.

Is Conga a CPQ? Conga includes a CPQ tool. Conga CPQ is a comprehensive configure-price-quote suite designed to facilitate the quoting process for complex goods and services with accuracy and speed.

What is the Difference Between Conga CPQ and SFDC CPQ? Conga CPQ targets medium and large enterprises, offering flexible product and pricing configuration features along with advanced proposal document generation capabilities. Salesforce CPQ caters to businesses of all sizes and focuses on automating the quoting process.

Who Owns Conga CPQ? Apttus, a leader in quote-to-cash software, acquired Conga in 2020 to modernize revenue generation processes for small and large enterprises. The merged company operates under the Conga brand.

What is a Conga Query in Salesforce? Conga Queries and SOQL statements are used to merge Salesforce data into documents. These queries are employed when accessing child object data or retrieving data not present on the master object.

How Do I Create a new Conga Template in Salesforce? To create a Conga template inside of SFDC, you can either create a template from the Dashboard or the Templates list. Once created, templates can be stored in the Conga Template Manager or the Salesforce template repository.

Where are Conga Templates Stored? Conga templates can be stored in the Conga Template Manager for document templates or the Conga Email Template Manager for email templates. Alternatively, they can be stored in the Salesforce template repository.

How Do I Edit a Conga Template in Salesforce? To edit a Conga template inside SFDC, navigate to the Creation Templates section, locate the template you want to edit, and click on it to display its edit screen. From there, you can rename the template or modify its description.

Conga Products:

  • Conga Composer
  • Conga Contracts
  • Conga CPQ
  • Conga CLM
  • Conga Grid
  • Conga Sign
  • Conga Contract Intelligence
  • Conga Orchestrate
  • Conga Revenue Management
  • Conga Max
  • Conga X-Author for Excel

Conga on Conga:

Values & EthicsOur approach is grounded in the Conga Way, a framework for what we stand for and everything we do as an organization — from hiring to decision making and product development.

Achieve together

We celebrate diversity and prize teamwork and accountability. We learn from our colleagues, partners and customers.

Champion the customer

As agents of change, we help customers drive digital transformation for business impact. We’re easy to do business with.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We seek to innovate, to be agile, and to inspire. We are curious and like to think differently—all while having fun.

Content updated February 2024.

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