Publish Date: Mar 5, 2024


Salesforce will no longer be supporting Workflow Rules and Process Builder on December 31, 2025, and we recommend that you migrate your automation to Flow Builder by that time. Workflow Rules & Process Builder End of Support

You’re also probably wondering why we’re retiring Workflow Rules and Process Builder. Salesforce wants to focus development on a modern, extensible, low-code automation solution in Flow Builder, which led us to retire the previous features.

What does this change mean for me? 

If you have active Workflow Rules or Process Builder processes running after 2025, they will no longer receive customer support or bug fixes.

What action can I take? 

We recommend implementing a plan to migrate any active rules or processes to Flow Builder before the deadline. Depending on the complexity of your org, this migration may take a significant amount of time and testing, so we recommend starting now. To assist in the migration process, we have a Migrate to Flow tool and extensive support resources available.

What happens if I don’t take action?

After December 31, 2025, Workflow Rules and Process Builder may continue to function and execute existing automation, but customer support will not be available, and bugs will not be fixed.

How do I identify affected users? 
You can identify whether you have active workflow rules by going to Setup | Process Automation | Workflow Rules and sorting the Active column for checkmarks.

You can identify whether you have active Process Builder processes by going to Setup | Process Automation | Process Builder and sorting the Status column for Active.

If you have more questions, open a case with support via Salesforce Help. To view all current and past retirements, see Salesforce Product & Feature Retirements.

To read about the Salesforce approach to retirements, read our Product & Feature Retirement Philosophy.

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