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Approval Process Salesforce

Approval processes take automation one step further, letting you specify a sequence of steps that are required to approve a record.  An approval process automates how records are approved in Salesforce. An approval process specifies each step of approval, including from whom to request approval and what to do at each point of the process.

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public sector and tribal governent

What is BI in Salesforce?

Salesforce BI helps to create fast, digestible reports to help you make informed decisions at the right time. Salesforce Einstein is a leading business intelligence software solution that will help streamline your operations. Read on in this insight to learn how Salesforce BI capabilities including Tableau rank in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Make the right

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Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice Explained

At times, communication is more convenient over the phone. Your customers know that.  And they expect you to know it too.  Salesforce Service Cloud Voice enables agents to handle calls, address customer concerns, and make outbound calls directly from the Service Console. This feature allows companies to efficiently manage customer phone interactions within the Salesforce

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Cloud First

A Salesforce Architect’s Thoughts on User Experience

The intersection of Sale3sforce User Experience (UX) Design and Architecture in the Salesforce ecosystem is making traction. As User Experience Designer and Strategy Designer certifications were launched by Salesforce, architects are increasingly venturing into UX to create comprehensive and well thought out solutions. This collaboration, emphasizing the importance of user experience, has the potential to

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Salesforce Big Data and Travel and Hospitality

Important Characteristics to Look for in a Salesforce Partner

There are some important characteristics of a Salesforce partner to look for Salesforce consulting and integration partners as well as digital services agencies drive significant results fast by managing the development, coding, configuration, user training, and integration of Salesforce products within your operating systems. Some of the important characteristics of a Salesforce partner to look

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Salesforce and Demandbase

Demandbase Salesforce Integration

The integration of Demandbase with Salesforce creates a seamless connection between Demandbase One and your Salesforce CRM, establishing a bidirectional sync for efficient data exchange.  Bidirectional sync means data can travel in both directions from one platform to the other. Note that Demandbase does not generate new Salesforce account, contact, lead, opportunity, or campaign records

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Salesforce formula fields

Formula Fields in Salesforce

Formula Fields are an out-of-the-box Salesforce feature that enables you to manipulate (get more out of) your existing Salesforce data. Since most of us are familiar with Excel, these fields actually allow us to create simple and complex formulas based on data from a record and from its related records. Your custom formula fields require

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